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The Kin DAO’s in person Hyphae NFT Art Exhibition alchemized a space that was once a bank and initiated participants into reimagining wealth and capital. Not only was the lobby transformed into an NFT gallery but the bank vault, surrounded by concrete walls and an unbreakable steel door, was infused with the sweetness of life. Within the belly of the beast true value was intentionally placed using images and installations of water, earth, air, and ancestry.


This experiential exploration of the ways we make - and break - systems of valuation and the value systems behind them brought us to actualize our expressions of the current value movement. By placing community members on gold coins The Kin DAO challenges fiat and debt-based currencies that violently value materiality over life itself. Decoupling this materiality from value, we intentionally place our own living DAO members, community, collaborators and family into the light. We take a bold step in an era of pixelated and cartoon PFPs to guild our community.  


As The Kin DAO moves into the future to cultivate a collective future rooted in cooperation, we build upon the contents of our vault, continuously transforming our relationships with value.  

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