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How Kin Dao comes to life

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Bath Party

The Kindness Grocery Cooperative organized and hosted the beginnings of a series of events called Bath Party - a community gathering co-founded and co-led by previously unhoused community members that brought community care, crypto education and NFT’s for good. The origins of this project was dreamed up in part by founder, regenerative artist, and sustainable entrepreneur, Asya Abdrahman, who herself experienced being unhoused and pregnant, while raising children. During the pandemic, Asya became aware of the immediate needs of our unhoused neighbors that included showers due to a lack of hygienic basic necessities from Covid shutting down support centers. With the vision of collective liberation from these inhumane conditions and an ongoing solidarity between unhoused and house community, KGC initiated 3 Bath Party events in Oakland, Berkeley and Los Angeles (Skid Row), California. We partnered with Patagonia, Dr. Bronner's, LA Food Bank, Hoop Bus, Art Above Reality and Bahebak Project.


During this time our team was also being introduced to the crypto world. We immediately saw the benefit of the blockchain to shift value systems, provide alternative currency systems, and uplift artists. As we watched millions be moved through NFT sales, we decided to launch an NFT project on Opensea with the intention of funding the houseless communities we were supporting. During these events we also taught about crypto, explored the possibilities of using the blockchain for social good and coined the terms #NFTsForGood, #CryptoToThePeople and #BankTheUnbanked.

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