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The Hyphae gallery showcases snapshots of our land based, organic interface of IRL and URL offering intuitive pathways to engage with alternative futures. Photos and videos of these in person installations stand next to minted works of artists who participated in the IRL Hyphae Exhibition telling their own story through each piece.  


To launch The Kin DAO, we hosted a month long, real life NFT Art Exhibition called Hyphae at the former Local Maker Mart in San Francisco, CA in October 2021. As we build in biomimicry of mycelium, we chose the title Hyphae, defined as the branching filaments that make up the mycelium of a fungus and representing the beginnings of communal art bridge building and world value shifting. Hosted in a former bank building, Hyphae touched on the extractive value structures disrupting our life systems and facilitated perspective shifts to collectively redefine worth. The exhibition emphasized the importance of creative collaboration and the adoption of blockchain technology to support these value shifts. Hyphae offered the education needed for all to use these digital tools to actively mold our collective future into one that upholds the values of creativity, collaboration, community, regeneration and sustainability.   

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