Collective Land Stewardship

Systems of consumerism, extraction, competition, scarcity, militarism, enclosure of power, fear, and waste will not carry us into a stable future. The current state of the world requires humanity to think and move differently - immediately.  


When there are many problems there must be many solutions. Kin DAO has decided that collectively stewarding land is the most holistic approach to remedy these present issues. Our goal is to collectively steward land to cultivate harmonious ecosystems where we may self produce and self sustain. When every participating member owns and has responsibility over a shared living space, communities have the opportunity to build new ways of living rooted in community, cooperation, innovation, reciprocity and sustainability.


From here, we can grow to help others seed their own stability.

The For Product Model

The For Product Model is a system researched and consolidated by one of our Kin DAO co-founders that outlines reliable legal and governing  structures for communal ownership and living. The system allows access to products and land ownership to all people through work trade rather than financial wealth. In alignment with Kin DAO's movements to redefine wealth, the For Product Model gives us the tools to safely transition into living that holds people more sacred than profit.

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