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How Kin Dao comes to life in the physical world


ROOTS Music & Arts Festival

SEPTEMBER 11-14, 2022

Primordia DAOs Virtual R.O.O.T.S. (Real Organized Organic & True Systems) Festival is a fully immersive experience featuring the best and brightest artists within the Primordia Universe. This Metaverse showcase will be hosted from September 11th-14th virtually alongside NEARCon for communities around the world to participate! 


Kin DAO presents : Metaopoly


Metaoploy is collaborative DAO education game, both physical and digital, created and hosted by The Kin DAO in an effort to teach foundational DAO concepts through play. Metaopoloy is the opposite of Monopoloy and encourages collaboration over competition. With the intention of expanding awareness around DAOs contributing to the NEAR ecosystem, Metaopoly will facilitate an opportunity for different communities to connect through experiential learning. On Sept 14th at DAO Haus, the first phase of Metaoploy will be released in the form of a life sized game board alongside our beta virtual game available for anyone online.

Past Events

Primordia Dao of Daos :
Community Art and Music Event

The Kin DAO will be the headliner of our event, Primordia 100 DAOs, where we will be co-sponsoring with the NBA Draft to execute an artistically curated showcase experience of Primordia DAO’s village building in the metaverse and beyond. This exclusive evening will host 300 industry leaders from across disciplines, providing discussions, presentations, drinks, Primordia product giveaways, NFTs and NEAR wallets paired with in person onboarding education. The event will serve as a physical reflection of our virtual art exhibition of Primordia which is currently being curated in New Art City and features some of the 30+ DAOs we have already onboarded. All NFT’s will be minted on NEAR through Mintbase. Primordia 100 DAOs will serve as The Kin DAO’s x Primordia DAO’s official mainstream, public introduction that highlights NEAR on global platforms as an ethical, sustainable, creative, user friendly, community focused, social good protocol. 

Decentralized Autonomous Organizations, or DAOs, work to empower communities. While media headlines typically focus on NFTs, blockchain technology offers organizational tools that allow individuals with a shared vision to collectively vote, transact and function as a democratic entity. Interested persons 21+ years of age are invited to learn more during the event: Primordia DAO of DAOs on June 23rd, 8pm – 2am EST at High Bar which is located at 346 W 40th St, New York, NY 10018. Guests in attendance will learn from industry leaders, discover sustainable blockchain projects, receive product giveaways, NFTs — and receive their own NEAR digital wallet.


“We’re village building in the metaverse and beyond,” states the KinDAO team. As co-hosts and founders of Primordia DAO, their 2022 mission is to launch 100 DAOs on the NEAR Protocol, a San Francisco based, carbon neutral, layer 1 blockchain. With 30+ DAOs already onboarded, the team is cultivating meaningful engagement in Web3 and producing tangible sustainability in the real world. The KinDAO x Primordia project is showing what the future of engaged communities embracing technology looks like. The DAOs collective missions thus far have included: dispersing food to the unhoused population, securing equitable land ownership, onboarding excluded communities into tech, fighting climate change and much, much more. “Our focus is human-centric. We would like to open access on an ethical blockchain like NEAR for people that have typically been overlooked,” says founders, Asya Abdrahman and Adrian Bello.


NEAR Protocol is a simple, secure and scalable decentralized application (dApp) platform and that focuses on developer and user-friendliness. Its native NEAR tokens are used to pay for transaction fees and storage on the NEAR crypto platform. The Kin DAO has chosen to operate on NEAR Protocol because of their user-friendly interface, affordable and inclusive operational costs, carbon neutral technology and ethical, creative and community oriented culture.


Kin DAO X Liberation Wellness DAO

On May 26th 2022, The Kin DAO and Liberation Wellness DAO hosted an intimate 15 person Creatives Mixer to provide hands on support to Oakland community members entering the DAO space. The event provided moderated conversations around how to enter Web3 as a creative, wellness guidance, AMAs with hands on lessons, NEAR wallet set ups and complimentary food and drink provided by the Liberation Wellness team. 

This unique fusion event was hosted in the Liberation Wellness BioHacker House were Liberation Wellness DAO provides a community gym and kitchen and is building decentralized approach to working, organizing, and serving communities in fitness, nutrition, and wellness.

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Kin DAO presents: HYPHAE NFT Art Exhibition

After the launch of The Kin DAO in September of 2021, for the entire month of October, The Kin DAO hosted an in person NFT art exhibition and community onboarding experience.


Hyphae, defined as the branching filaments that make up the mycelium of a fungus, represents the beginnings of communal art bridge building and value shifting. Hosted in a former bank, Hyphae touched on the extractive structures disrupting our life systems and facilitated perspective openings to collectively redefine worth. By filling former bank spaces with artworks that represent wealth forms outside of capital, viewers were encouraged to explore their own definitions of value. The exhibition emphasizes the importance of creativity and collaboration and how blockchain technology is supporting this value shift.

Throughout the duration of the exhibition, The Kin DAO partnered with Codame to host workshops centered around bridging the digital divide where new community members were onboarded to the digital space. The goal was to teach and provide tools for everyone, especially those who lack access, so all may participate in this technological evolution. 

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